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Webinar: Are You Measuring What (Actually) Matters?

On Thursday 16th September, we will be hosting a webinar with our Consulting Director Mark Hammond sharing our framework for measuring digital success aligned with your business objectives.

With so many more people online now than ever before and your customers faced with an ever-growing number of marketing and brand touchpoints, it’s imperative to understand what they are doing and how they are performing against your businesses goals and aspirations.

However, for many ecommerce businesses, be they retail, hospitality or beyond, their reporting focuses solely on traffic, conversions and the number of orders of bookings.

While these are clearly important metrics, we need to ask:

  • Do they support your business objectives? 
  • Are they considering the goals of all your teams? 
  • Do they focus on where improvements can be made for your actual customers?
  • Are they ignoring brand-related targets?

This webinar is for CMOs, Brand Directors and similar, those who want to better understand how they can measure digital success away from just traffic and conversions. Giving them a framework to better understand what needs to be measured and how to actually do it.

We will take a step back from the analysis and show you:

  • What research to undertake before you begin thinking about data
  • How to engage with all teams to bring them on the journey  
  • How to think about measuring less common objectives
  • When and how to align key people in the process 

By watching this webinar, you will be able to think more broadly about what objectives you can measure, step away from the standard (semi-useful) reports and bring the business from CEO downwards on a journey to better analysis.

Are You Measuring What (Actually) Matters?

Join our Consulting Director Mark Hammond for this 45 minute webinar on how to measure your digital success.

Thursday 16 September, 2021

Online - Zoom

11:00 - 11:45am

Register via Zoom

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