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Matter Of Form is a luxury brand and digital agency specialising in strategy, design & technology

Design for tomorrow.

Bridging strategy, design, technology and marketing can be complex. To provide singular focus, our growth consultants craft a path forwards across the whole mix. They define goals, then carefully adjust the human formula required across work-streams; ensuring cultural fit and business impact.


Our clients have magic, and it's up to us to work out what this means in a digital-first world. As well as designing a clear strategy, visual and verbal expression system, its also key to define a point of competitive advantage and what this then means for future innovation.


The quality of your brand experience is the difference between apathy and adoption. Our Brand Interactions CX blueprint provides a central view of every customer touchpoint; and a basis from which to prototype new web experiences, digital products and services.


Our philosophy is to use the least possible tech to support the best possible customer or stakeholder experience. Whether its eCommerce, web, mobile, a b2b portal or internal tool, we're comfortable delivering across a range of technologies and platforms.


Elegant content delivery runs through the heart of everything we do with UX and content teams working as one. Whether the strategy is designed to drive traffic, encourage specific choices or behaviours, or bring the brand to life across social channels - we've got it covered.

A proven process that's delivered globally.

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The Travel Corp


Bringing the world’s most thrilling adventures to life.



Discover Earth’s Ultimate, Untamed Places.

Brand Launch

Research & Development

Exploring the Future of Web3 in Luxury Hospitality.

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Customisable commerce for the fastest growth brand in jewellery.


Lindblad Expeditions

Enterprise transformation for the world leaders in adventure cruising.


The Rug Company

A multi-year digital experience and marketing partnership.

The Rug Company

Aman Resorts

Global digital experience & content for world leading hospitality.

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From a history-centred house to a perennial icon of independent publishing.

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