Rebranding a Contemporary Collection Through Authentic Stories


Campaigns & Content

The Challenge

With a portfolio of remarkable hotels across the Indian Ocean, Europe, Middle East & Asia Pacific, LUX* Resorts & Hotels has spent the decade since their founding challenging the status quo. Rewriting the rules of convention in luxury hospitality to embody the belief that every moment in life is worth celebrating. 

Having proved themselves beyond the disruptive challenger brand they were initially, LUX* needed to elevate their identity to match their success and place in both the industry and in the minds of luxury travellers. 

Our partnership began with personality definition — reflective of the brand as it is now — then translated into a large-scale campaign around three selected resorts from the collection to further their ‘Celebrating Life’ messaging and solidify LUX* as a leading luxury brand in a category of their own.

Three girl friends sitting at poolside in dresses, watching sunset with drinks at LUX Hotels & Resorts Mauritius
A Category of One

To carve out that white space, away from the sea of sameness that plagues travel and hospitality sectors and especially in the Maldives and Mauritius where every asset is all azure waters and a faceless couple with a glass in hand, we synthesised a rigorous market review with experience mapping to find that point of difference. 

We asked questions, continuously referencing LUX*’s refined personality attributes to find the distinction that would define the brand’s next chapter and broaden its appeal to a younger audience.

How might we turn the sector on its head? How could we shatter the veneer of overly posed, oversaturated visual language? What rules can we rewrite?

We asked what the brand is today and what it will be tomorrow, ensuring creative was iterative enough to take LUX* into an even brighter future. What we created was a campaign that heightens the brand’s purpose to celebrate life: a campaign that encourages guests to live every moment, big or small, extraordinarily. 

Extraordinary But True To Life

In a market where so many campaigns centre on the same stories, far more about the businesses themselves than the guests they host, we wanted to flip the script; channelling authentic stories made up of extraordinary moments that feel true to life. Stories our audience could really experience, with friends, family or individually, along as they’re with LUX*. 

That sentiment became each campaign film’s raison d’être — to translate the dual spirit of adventure and peace that is uniquely LUX*, told through guests’ voicenotes to loved ones back home.

Authenticity, passion and imagination informed the creative tone and the evolution of the existing photography style to one that felt casual and emotive, all complimentary colour and soft, natural light. 

In print, subjects are shot up close and wide, showing intimate moments of celebration within vast, extraordinary settings — LUX* as the perfect stage, highlighting each resort’s best features in ways that feel natural.

In each of the three films, we follow a main character as they move through these moments, big and small. Stylised visuals still show the clear blue skies and tempting waterscapes these locations are known for, but they also lean into dusk colouring, creating mood and occasional drama. 

Each film is complimented by a voiceover, treated in the style of our character leaving a voicenote to their friend back home. While they describe the extraordinary moments they’re living, on-screen scenes subtly diverge from their retelling. Mention of an early night visually alludes to a nightcap at sunrise, a solo climb of Le Morne is really intertwined with a romantic moment with another hiker.

The Films

LUX* Grand Baie

At Grand Baie, 3 friends are reuniting after years apart. Tapping into the prior anticipation, the exhilaration of long-awaited reconnection and the sense of belonging one can only get with good friends, the short follows the beauty and joy friendship can bring. Magnified by magnificent surroundings.


LUX* Le Morne

At Le Morne, guests are invited to lose track of time, either by yourself or with another. Following a solo traveller as she explores Mauritian mountains, waters and forests alongside a fellow guest, Le Morne’s creative celebrates chance encounters and the beauty of independent exploration.


LUX* Ari Atoll

A Maldivian oasis designed to house unobstructed reconnection, Ari Atoll’s story centres on a busy father and young daughter, each looking for kindred moments that seem just out of reach in normal life. Throughout their stay, unmet glances become warm grins and eventual embraces – the shared joy of Life Extraordinary.


Since the campaign’s launch in 2022, we’ve continued to partner with LUX* on a service-spanning project, from digital strategy and experience design to expanding the Life Extraordinary campaign with more films to come as we collaboratively envision, map and architect the future guest experience alongside the LUX* team.