MOF Team takes on the Mixed Mental Arts programme.

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30 Nov 2020
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Matter Of Form have been delighted to take part in an employee wellbeing ‘Mixed Mental Arts’ (MMA) programme with Tough Cookie.
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MOF Team
MOF Team

Tough Cookie organisation works with the likes of Google, BBC, Sky, Sony Music, Lego and Mind to teach and improve mental resilience in the workplace.

After being recognised for our internal wellbeing initiatives and efforts, we were offered an amazing opportunity to take part in a MMA programme led by Heather Gordon Athié.

Heather is a Level 2 certified Wim-Hof Method instructor, yoga and meditation teacher, nutrition consultant and resilience coach. And perhaps the most brilliantly dynamic person ever!

Over the course of six weeks, Heather guided our team through a toolkit of twelve practical techniques designed to build up people's mental resilience by changing the way they manage their thoughts and emotions. 

Together, we explored breaking our addiction to thought, hacking the body’s stress response, neutralising unhelpful thought patterns, navigating overwhelming experiences, re-learning relaxation and finally, reclaiming emotional autonomy. 

In a deeply challenging year for all, when looking after our mental health is more important than ever, we are grateful to have had the opportunity to reframe our ways of thinking and to learn new mindfulness methods through the MMA programme. 

From eating red-hot chilli peppers to compliment firing, breathing meditation to practising self-compassion - the course challenged us to take back control of our thoughts, to use willpower to overcome physical problems and to prioritise time out of our day for wellbeing practises.

Heather commented “Every week I really looked forward to our sessions together. I felt very lucky that the team would give up precious time in their working day to learn new skills and be so open to growth. MOF staff are brilliant, I hope your clients have as much fun working with you as I did!”

We’d like to thank Heather for making it such a valuable experience for the team and for helping us to keep our culture thriving whilst working remotely.

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