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Matter Of Form battles Tough Mudder for CRY-UK

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18 Apr 2019
Read time: 1 MIN
As part of a new cultural initiative, Matter Of Form have elected a sports committee to build team spirit and promote a more active and healthy lifestyle within the agency.

During our latest activity, the sports committee participated in a local Tough Mudder to raise money for Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY UK). We are delighted to announce that we managed to succeed our target goal and raise £1,210 for this important cause.

Sereena, one of our project managers, reports on the fantastic (and not as muddy as anticipated) day...

The day finally approached, as we walked up to registration, we came across a couple of the obstacles we would soon be facing. A sense of panic filled us as we stood by watching the previous groups try to tackle these in despair.

We wanted to make this competition about teamwork, ensuring no one was left behind and that we all worked together to get everyone through the course. Once we reached the first obstacle, we realised how well we collaborated to make these intimidating challenges a lot less overwhelming. As soon as we got the first obstacle out of the way, a sense of achievement came over us - we were more than ready and prepared to take on all challenges!

That feeling of preparation quickly turned to uncertainty as the sky darkened and hail began to hammer against us. The obstacles became exceptionally difficult to climb, we continually slipped back down into our teammates, knocking everyone over like a bowling ball striking into pins. This did not stop us from powering through and working even harder to devise a plan to help one another complete the challenges.


Some obstacles were a lot more laborious than others. For those less confident on their capability, we ensured there was someone at the start, middle and end of the obstacle to give as much assistance as possible. There was never a point throughout this competition that we felt unsupported.

As we finally reached the last obstacle; our bodies aching and covered in mud, we gave our final and last push, running upwards towards our teammates who were waiting with outstretched arms to pull us up.

We made it! Finally, we could collapse on the floor and head to the pub. All of our hard work had paid off - an amazing day for a great cause filled with laughter and many many bruises!

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