MOF launches new training and development programme ‘MOF University’

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21 Jan 2021
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MOF Team
MOF Team

MOF University is a development of our training offering - providing a formal programme and credit system to help upskill and support every member of the team.

At the core of Matter Of Form is the spirit of continuous education and development. We believe great people demand great opportunities to learn. MOF University has been established to continue attracting the best creative minds, as well as retain them. 


We are delivering cutting-edge modules in collaboration with our in-house training school Experience Haus and Lead Practitioners - combining great minds of education and practitioning to help us provide innovative thinking to our clients.


With modules spanning Search through to Design Thinking; Management Skills to Personal Development; Practical and Creative skills - our curriculum is designed to push thinking beyond what’s next and catalyse the performance of everyone in our team.


As cited in numerous publications, including ‘The 100 Year Life’ by Lynda Gratton & Andrew Scott, learning is a continuous journey. As individuals, we are increasingly pivoting careers, changing our skillset and rapidly adapting to an ever more demanding and fast-paced work environment.


We want to help our team on that journey - ensuring that they look within themselves to explore their own intellectual development and we have a part in encouraging them to do so.


We kicked off the programme with a high level of engagement, with team members participating from all over the world - providing a great opportunity for us all to unite whilst working remotely.

Want to be part of the MOF team? We’re hiring! Find out why we’re one of Campaign’s Best Places to Work 2020, check out our careers website to find out more about life at Matter Of Form and our latest roles.

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