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Shoreditch Offices - Cheap At The Price

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30 Sep 2016
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Last week I was sent an article highlighting that demand for Shoreditch offices has led it to become ‘the most costly creative district on the planet’

According to research carried out by the estate agent, Knight Frank. This makes it more expensive than Brooklyn, New York and mid-market, San Francisco.

So partly as an ode to London and partly an attempt to placate our accountant and justify our gargantuan office costs, here are 9 reasons why Matter Of Form are where we are:

  • Buzz: The team at Matter Of Form is young, energetic and want to live life to the full. The energy of London and our bit of East London in particular, is compelling. For many, the chance to work in this city is an experience too good to be passed up; we feel that we have the pick of the best digital and design talent.
  • Pull: Our amazing clients enjoy coming to this part of London and to our beautiful office. It doesn’t matter whether they are global hoteliers, NGOs or fashionistas – they love it. Our work involves high levels of collaboration and workshopping, so clients actually wanting to come to Shoreditch is important.
  • Great transport links: Old Street is very central and so conveniently placed for both staff and clients. Travel in London can be arduous and time-consuming, our location ensures that this is rarely an issue.
  • Networking: Much has been written on how urban hubs and chance encounters are the bedrock of innovation and economic growth. It certainly feels as if in East London, we bump into amazing people and come across new ideas day in, day out.
  • We are international: Few cities attract such an array of international talent. In the Matter Of Form office we speak about ten languages with people from France, South Korea, Peru, Sweden, Brazil, India, the USA, Malaysia, China, Italy, Russia and Poland. It is a wonderfully refreshing atmosphere in which to work.
  • Food: An army marches on its stomach and you cannot overestimate how important food is to sustain and motivate a busy team. Every day, I am astonished at the vast array of great food available for lunch – something we all appreciate.
  • Fashion: East London is so fashionable that for those like me who are deeply unfashionable, for the first time you become on-trend, in a pseudo-ironic kind of way, obviously.
  • Tolerance: We get to work in one of the most diverse, tolerant and integrated cities in the world. Given events elsewhere in the world this is something not to be taken for granted and something to be very proud of.
  • Inspiration: Shoreditch has a unique mix of art and culture that makes it a fantastic place to find new sources of inspiration every day. This is something completely crucial to the creative industry and helps keep our ideas fresh and interesting.


Fred Moore - COO