MOF 2022: A Year in Review

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22 Dec 2022
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Not to be a cliché, but we’re doing the whole reflection thing as the curtain closes on 2022. Because we’ve done loads this year, obstacles and all.
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MOF Team
MOF Team

Capitalising on our good-hearted business ethos and an innate sense of adventure, the past twelve months have been nothing short of extraordinary. Say what you want about MOF, there’s never a dull moment.

We Went Hell for Leather on Luxury

Not ones to half-arse anything, our zeroing-in on luxury (our definition, not the lazy one) has seen Fred & Anant try their hand at playing (occasionally) professional podcast hosts on What The Luxe and the expansion of our content across all cylinders — which, may we say with mild humility, is on fire.

Anant Sharma (CEO of Matter Of Form) speaking at Walpole Luxury Summit 2022.

We Welcomed 16 New Team Members

Designers, directors, digital maestros and marketers galore. MOF has a considerably bigger team compared to December ‘21 and we’re more eccentric than ever. Here, everyone’s a personality hire. 


We Were Courted by a Collection of Leading Luxury Brands

That doubling down paid off. We tossed our hat in the ring with nearly three dozen leaders in luxury, across hospitality, retail, property, transportation, publishing, web3, intelligence and more.


We Partnered with 10 New Clients Across a Kaleidoscope of Industries

From those pitches, we won a variety of category-leading clients, from India’s largest publicly listed real estate developer and Thailand’s top retailer to world-leading conservationists and subsidiaries of Europe’s largest hospitality company. 


We Developed Timeless Brands for 9 Partners

We’ve pinned down and refined the founding spirit of nine totally different brands, delivering powerful names, timeless positioning and manifestos so heartwarming they made founders cry. 

We Launched 9 Dynamic New Sites 

We’re skilled in far more than just web design, however we are bloody good at it. In 2022 alone, nine sites have launched, beautifully designed and developed glitch-free by MOF. Talk about happy clients


We Unveiled Our Patented Brand Interactions™ Process

In tandem with improving internal practices, we’ve crystallised and patented our approach to mapping a brand’s end-to-end customer experience, across both digital and physical touch points. 


We Hosted Our Inaugural MOF Summit

In October, we hosted a Star Wars-themed offsite designed to ‘unite the forces’, realign our perspectives and look forwards. It was an out-of-this-world experience (in North London) that brought together our whole team for a day of future gazing, innovation workshops, a soothing sound bath and some bubbly to celebrate how far we’ve come.


We Visited 14 Different Countries

Channelling our office-wide sense of adventure, our team characterised the term ‘globetrotters’ this year. From Barbados and the Maldives to Switzerland, South Africa and a fair few trips to India, we experienced some once-in-a-lifetime moments. Even those of us who didn’t step foot on another continent made the most of our location in the heart of Shoreditch, one of London’s most eclectic (read: weirdly wonderful) boroughs. 

We Launched Our New Employer Brand

Following rounds of surveys, interviews, data analysis, workshops and a whole lot of care from our talent, strategy and marketing teams, we launched our new employer brand: Make Your Mark. Because here you’ll not only do the best work of your life, you’ll make it so others can do the best work of theirs.


We Logged Over 760 Professional Development Credits

Along with plenty of individual professional development, 2022 saw the continuation of MOF University — a scheme launched in 2021 to help us reconnect and learn from one another during lockdown. From lateral thinking, motion design and the luxury algorithm to designing for neurodiversity, architecting London’s Elizabeth Line and so many more, we took the sessions to a new level this year, with many juniors taking the mic and gunning for a bedazzled mortarboard.


We Established Quango: Our Junior Leadership Initiative

In what is undoubtedly traditional SLT’s worst nightmare, we launched Quango — a 33-employee-strong Junior Leadership Initiative to give the junior team a chance to lead business growth initiatives and internal development. 


We Submitted 90 ‘Person Of The Month’ Nominations

Every thirty or so days, we each drop our cool façades and gush about those who have gone above and beyond. Every nomination is genuinely heartwarming — and despite the intense competitive streak that runs through the office usually, it’s a monthly moment that proves one of MOF’s greatest skills is celebrating one another. 


We Bonded Over 28 ‘Official’ Social Events

Unofficial number: unknown. Main culprits: known but we’re too kind to name. From Shoreditch street art tours and theatre trips to trampoline parks, ball pit bars and the most amateur ice skating you can imagine, we’ve certainly made some memories. Some blurrier than others. 

We Kicked Off MOFC: Our Ongoing Office Football Tournament

That competitive streak we mentioned? We needed to channel it somehow. Giving us an excuse to live healthier lifestyles while legally tackling colleagues, MOFC has become a highlight of the cultural calendar. Though no one’s brave enough to ref.   

We Went Viral on TikTok

We’re probably prouder of this than we should be. Especially as the post in question doesn’t necessarily portray us as the bright people we are. That being said, we can’t argue with the near 400,000 people who think we’re entertaining. 


We Shared Over 825 Yearbook Photos on Slack

The good, the bad and the downright hilarious. Luckily for most of us, they’ll never see the light of day. 


And we’re going to do it all again in 2023, and then some.

We're very much looking forward to it. Watch this space.

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