5 steps to more effective marketing integration

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31 Mar 2016
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When The Beatles first formed they didn’t know how to play a B7.
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So they travelled for a day to meet a man who could to teach them.


B7 is a chord of real beauty.

It bridges notes E to A and creates more than the sum of its parts.

A powerful musical integrator;

It turns meandering musings into standout songs that make you cry.


Unlike the Fab Four, most marketing departments don’t produce good songs.

They invest in chords E and A, but tend to ignore B7.

They forget that the notes themselves are unimportant.

It’s how they’re put together that really makes the difference.


Marketing Integration is the modern marketers’ B7.

It’s overlooked, hard to learn, and very difficult to do.

But if you take the time to get it right, you’ll change the fortunes of your business and brand.

And turn disjointed marketing noise into more effective melodious tunes.


So if you struggle to get your marketing functions or agencies to sing in harmony.

Or don't get the results you want from your marketing spend.

Perhaps you’d be interested in knowing the 5 steps to more effective marketing integration?

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