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09 Oct 2013
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Far from a simple mode of transportation, electric bikes represent an eco-friendly lifestyle and culture.
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MOF Team

Previously aimed at commuters who need that extra bit of help riding up elevated landscapes, electric bike brands are looking to engage a younger and more active crowd.

New markets for electric bikes

Recently reaching the 200 million sales mark in China, electric bike popularity has skyrocketed in Germany as well as the Netherlands. Coming 2014, Boris Johnson is looking to make London the world’s most bike-friendly city; investing into a substantial number of electric bikes he plans to revolutionise traditional commuting behaviour attracting curious individuals to pursue eco-friendly motor driven bicycles.

Based upon individual lifestyle values, the sleek bicycle designs can be creatively enhanced to resemble a more retro-style bicycle or a futuristic super-hero gadget. The vast variety of electric bike models provides individuals with the opportunity to find a bicycle which meets their unique desires and acts as a reflection of their personality; ranging from space-efficient foldable ‘GoCycle’ bikes to ‘Moustache’ themed design models. The electric bike market has taken on a modern and hip perspective on bicycle garments and accessories. No longer are cyclists constrained to resemble Tour de France competitors; individuals can let their imagination cycle wild and reflect their quirky personalities with fashionable eco-friendly bike gear.

As a result of a forecasted increase in demand for electric bikes, high-end car manufacturers have insured their share of the market by developing cutting-edge electric bike innovations. Following eco-friendly trends, BMW recently produced an e-bike complementing their newest i3 model, encouraging their high-valued customers to become acquainted with healthier and eco-friendlier luxury transportation. Successfully repackaging and rebranding electric motored bicycles, luxury car manufacturers are seeking to create an exclusive e-bike lifestyle and community comparable to the long-standing limited Harley Davidson group.

Electric bikes offer an eco-friendly mode of transportation whilst simultaneously facilitating a unique cycling experience, which cannot be replaced by either a traditional bicycle or a scooter. The eagerly awaited electric ‘Boris’ bikes will give potential customers a chance to experience the physical attributes of this fun-charged mode of transportation. This particular increase in exposure will facilitate the e-commerce success of electrically charged bikes; nevertheless brands have to strategically develop and maintain a digital brand- image, conveying how a simple e-bike commute can become a one-and-only adventure.

Pushing the boundaries of eco-friendly, adrenaline charged travel, electric bikes are modern gadgets targeting a multi-generational audience looking to revive traditional cycling.

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