February's 8 Essential Reads

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27 Feb 2018
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AI, retail trends, scamming Spotify and demystifying Bitcoin (again) — we round up our essential reads of the month.
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  • In a hilarious (?) saga, one Bulgarian outfit managed to swindle Spotify for a million dollars without breaking a single law. Read more in this Quartz article on click fraud.
  • TechCrunch ran a piece which paints a rather ugly picture of Airbnb’s impact on New York City housing– the scale of which is alarming.
  • Likewise, the New Yorker’s opinion piece notes that it may be doom and gloom for your local restaurant too, with delivery apps threatening to slowly starve the soul.
  • If shopping's your thing, theres a pragmatic roundup of 5 technologies transforming retail in 2018 by Business of Fashion. A comprehensive overview of all the buzz, neatly summarised and less exhausting than some other stuff out there.
  • On that, it's worth having a read of this easy to follow Bitcoin update from CNN - just in case you haven’t been keeping up with the pace. Yes. Bitcoin is money.
  • Also worth a glance is The Seven Deadly Sins of AI predictions— a dry article in Technology Review that debunks the sensationalism.
  • More on the ethics of AI with a brilliant Wired piece that consolidates the theme — Making AI great again.
  • And at the other end of the spectrum – a left-field one – "weaponised design". If malicious AI doesn’t hunt you down first, it seems that you may be exploited by misappropriated priorities in the design intricacies of your experience. It's too complex to explain, so just have a read.


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