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01 Sep 2021
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Back in November 2019, Matter Of Form launched our whitepaper on The Future of Adventure and Exploration at The Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts Annual Inner Circle dinner. Hosted at The Shard, it was an insightful and delightful evening; we looked toward a future of a prosperous hospitality sector propped up by a new generation of ‘global nomads’.
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MOF Team
MOF Team

Obviously no one could have predicted that less than 6 months later, we would see the outbreak of a global pandemic and there is no underplaying the challenges that were presented to the travel and hospitality industry, or the incredible response from travel brands in working to ensure the safety of their customers, their staff and their communities. It is clear that safety will continue to be paramount, however, we’d be doing the industry a disservice to define what’s happening now in terms of reassurance and recovery alone. From our interviews with experts across the industry a ‘reset’ was overdue, and the pandemic has only increased the speed at which the industry is reinventing itself. 

In our pre-pandemic paper, we were already highlighting the growing expectation for transformative experiences, self-discovery and working from anywhere, all things that have only been amplified by multiple national lockdowns. Beyond restricting our movement however, the pandemic has had a profound effect on our perspective of the world and we have re-prioritised what’s important in our lives. This has changed our expectations and behaviours around travel fundamentally, and for the long term.

Luxury travel therefore, for a long time motivated by achieving the perfect blend of indulgence and experience, must now meet the ever-growing demand for sustainable adventure and exploration, the kind that enables travelers to reconnect with themselves through a deeper connection with the world at large. And technology is far from at odds with this movement. It has never been easier for people to connect, share their experiences, broaden their understanding, and influence change, from anywhere in the world.

The updated version of our whitepaper is scheduled for release in September 2021 and the exclusive insights from interviews conducted with progressive and innovative brands, large and small, across the premium travel industry throw a spotlight on the things that will connect customers more meaningfully to travel brands, where organisational change is happening, and how digitisation is enabling both.

Brands that have participated in our search for the top brand and business priorities moving forward include IHG, Accor, Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, The PIG Hotels, Pelorus, Carrier Luxury Holidays, Travco Group, Roseate Hotels, Wilderness Safaris, Small Luxury Hotels of the World, Within The Wild Alaska Adventure and Hermitage Bay.

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