How the police once inspired high-fashion

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30 Jun 2015
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Inspiration often comes from the oddest interactions.
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MOF Team

In honour of London Fashion Week, here’s how a police investigation led to one of Christian Louboutin’s most iconic shoe designs.

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He may be known for the stroke of genius that he had while seeing his assistant applying red nail polish that resulted in the incredibly famously red-lacquered sole shoes, but one of his other most loved designs was inspired by a much less glamorous interaction.

Christian Louboutin was sitting in his office when he received an inquisitive telephone call by a police inspector. His card was found in a handbag that belonged to a woman who turned out to have stabbed a man. The police was quick to assume that Louboutin must have been involved. Whilst the charade was quickly resolved, and the designer was able to show that no connection existed between him and the alleged prostitute (such cards can be picked up in-store), he was left with a brilliant inspiration.

Whilst others would be left trembling after such a worrisome phone call, Louboutin was inspired. He swiftly turned to his sketch pad and began to sketch what would later be known as the infamous "Murderess" shoe.
"I was trying to imagine exactly the type of shoe the type of girl who would be in that situation would have," he told the New Yorker. "So I ended up doing a shoe that is, like, a high heel with a point and a detachable sling strap, which can be useful if she wants to knock somebody."

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