July's Top Five Reads

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19 Jul 2019
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Matter of Form CEO, Anant Sharma, curates his top five reads of July.
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Each month, Matter of Form’s founder and CEO, Anant, curates his favourite reads. This July, he’s been peering into the world’s meatless future, exploring why consistency of thought isn’t necessarily a positive trait – and we detect more than a hint of schadenfreude in a comprehensive list of the most spectacular product launch failures.

Our meatless future

The pace of change is really quite incredible when it comes to how and what we eat. Have a read of this fascinating piece that provides a pretty comprehensive overview of the state of the industry. Lab-grown synthetic meatballs, anyone?

WeWork and Uber fight against reality

An article by Tom Goodwin that really resonated with me this month. A great take on valuations, and the state of VC.

Definitely maybe

Why billionaire Jeff Bezos believes that the most powerful leaders are not decisive and unwavering, but prepared to admit when they were wrong. But who knows, maybe he’s changed his mind now.

What’s next for the agency model

Because agencies never talk about this. Ever. But it’s probably useful for clients too.

When corporate innovation goes a bit wrong

A classic tale of product development gone skew whiff, including protagonists such as Vanilla Coke, The Laserdisc and Google+. 

Yes. I've ended with a listicle.

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