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Luxury Fashion & the Digital Runway: How New & Legacy Brands are Embracing the Changing Landscape

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22 Sep 2021
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Last month saw London Fashion Week launch as a digital-physical hybrid, accessible to everyone across platforms, globally. Alongside the excitement of London’s cultural reopening after a period of lockdowns, there was much attention on the fashion industry’s ability to inspire a new generation of consumers and talent, not just in terms of what we wear, but also how we live.
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MOF Team
MOF Team

Our increasingly busy lifestyles had already seen a growing reliance on technology for buying things as desired and as required and this was challenging the luxury fashion industry’s long-held belief that affluent shoppers prefer to pay high prices for high-end products in person rather than online, where expectations of a superior, personal service can be met. This assumption was then tested to the extreme by a year of international lockdowns that accelerated the shift to buying luxury items online and put luxury fashion brands head-to-head with established online luxury retailers, driving a significant ramping up of investment and focus on eCommerce across the board, and giving luxury brands a much-needed push to embrace digitisation.

As luxury fashion brands continue to adapt to the changing societal landscape and become more accessible to a wider range of shoppers, their brand touchpoints and sales channels will continue to diversify, presenting both challenges and opportunities for connecting with their audiences emotionally and cultivating continued interest in their brand visions.

Our latest paper which you can find here looks at how fashion brands can apply the skills they’ve learned staying ahead of the game on the catwalk, to staying ahead of the game as they redesign their brand experiences by exploring 5 key strategies being adopted by some of the world’s most iconic luxury fashion brands.

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