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5 minutes on ... our skills for the new year

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03 Mar 2014
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We’ve been talking to fellow agencies and creatives in our area in Shoreditch
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MOF Team
MOF Team

To find out what makes us all tick, which technology and apps we can’t live without, why we love where we work and which places are our favourite hidden treasures.

This week we asked: What skill do you hope to master in the new year?

Julia Stolarczyk, Account Manager, Matter Of Form

"I want to learn Tae Kwan Do this year - I've started and stopped with classes for the last couple of years, but this time I’ll nail it!"

Chris Hassall, Founder of Ralph & Co

"I want to buy a new Mac Pro. That doesn’t count as a skill does it? Let’s say French as we’re working on a project in France this year!"

James Sitki, Creatve Director, Twentieth Century Boy

"Learning how to become a father."

Ankita Bhargava, Online Marketing Manager, Crab Creative

"I’d love to learn Spanish, I’ve picked up a bit from my Spanish friends but I’d like to take a course to be able to speak fluently. A Google partner certification is also on the cards for 2014."

Luke Thomson, Co-founder, ReChannel

"I’d like to learn Italian. I can already speak Spanish, and love European languages, so thats one of my resolutions."

Luke Faragher, Managing Director, Drawn in Digital

"I'm learning German this year, the Duolingo app is a must for anyone looking to learn a new language this year."

Mark McDermott, Creative Director, CodeAgent

"I've been learning French for a year so will continue with that. Otherwise I was looking to improve my coding skills and learn Python."

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