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15 Sep 2019
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MOF Team

The great WeWork fraud

Pertinent for us. We hosted a fantastic event this month with Chris Choa (Principal of Urban Planning at Aecom) and Bert Broadhead (“Building our Future” podcast) on the future of living, working, transport and city design. And of course, WeWork (and its valuation) featured. If you fancy one massive rant on Adam & Miguel, look no further.

The fate of boho-consumerism

A great read on the collapse of the New York High Street, as written in response to the recent news of Barneys’ bankruptcy, and a lament on stores like Dean & DeLuca. When shopping felt like art.

A budding new industry?

We seem to speak to another CBD based startup at least once every two weeks. And with good reason: it’s a huge growth industry. Drinkable marijuana, on the other hand, is not something I’d even considered. The Verge’s take on big bets from InBev, Molson Coors and Constellation makes for a lighthearted, gonzo read.

The finest in DTC case studies.

This is a long read, but a must for anyone in retail. A brilliant appraisal of the finest in DTC success stories, their background and founding premise. From Harry’s to Allbirds, Bonobos, Barkbox, Casper and beyond...

And for some general comedy...

A bunch of bored UX designers took it upon themselves to make the worst volume control interface in the world. 


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