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5 minutes on.. why Shoreditch?

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24 Feb 2014
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Over the last few weeks we’ve been talking to fellow agencies and creatives in our area in Shoreditch
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MOF Team
MOF Team

To find out what makes us all tick, which technology and apps we can’t live without, why we love where we work and which places are our favourite hidden treasures.

This week we asked: What makes Shoreditch such a playground for digital innovation?

Alexander Foster - CEO and Co-founder of Race Yourself

"I have a feeling that one of the reasons is that there are a lot of people here who are really passionate about tech, and keen to study and work hard at projects in this very time intensive industry. There are a lot of ideas and a lot of interesting people elsewhere in London too, which helps."

Matt Read, Social Media Manager, Quad Digital

"Shoreditch is the home to silicon roundabout, the smaller, less sexy version of silicon valley, making it the perfect breeding ground for tech / digital startups. They all have similar interests and want to be part of the same movement. Shoreditch has a real community feel about it when you work there. It inspires you to create and innovate because you’re surrounded by like-minded people. Being based down in Blackfriars on HMS President [with Quad Digital] is great, but it’s another world compared to being based on Curtain Road."

Luke Thomson, Co-founder of ReChannel

"A mixture of momentum, eclectic people and Government support."

Ankita Bhargava, Online Marketing Manager, Crab Creative

"It’s everything, the vibe of the place, I love the fact that I can choose to do whatever I feel and still not leave Shoreditch – watch a play, stand-up comedy, listen to jazz, go for an art exhibit, winter and summer markets, electronic music, loads and loads of beer gardens and what amazing selection in food. All of this adds to the charm of working here as well.. I love my boutique coffee shops to host meetings or start my day with the friendly hipster serving me a latte and muffin."

Chris Hassell, Founder of Ralph & Co.

"Constantly being challenged to come up with the latest wankery. Then how can that work for real people that aren’t in the bubble."

Fred Moore, COO, Matter Of Form

"The digital industry thrives off creativity, collaboration and competition. The vibrancy of the Shoreditch locality attracts and energises the best kind of talent; the cluster of companies and individuals feed off each other so the sum is greater than the individual parts. This, combined with a supportive governmental backdrop, means it's a great place to do business."

Luke Faragher, Managing Director, Drawn in Digital

"The community. Companies in the UK seem to all be a bit pessimistic, East London has a bit more of a can-do vibe about it."

Mark McDermott, Creative Director, CodeAgent

"I think it's the proximity to likeminded people and an environment that supports the interests of those people. The quality of agency ideas is founded on how inspired people feel. There's a direct correlation."

James Sitki, Creative Director, Twentieth Century Boy

"There are no adjectives to describe this area for me. East London has always been a part of my life, and always will -the fact its one of the digital hubs of the world, is just one big fat bonus. However, if there was a gun to my head & I had to choose a word, then I would choose 'innovative'."

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