MOF Launches ‘The Best Exotic Metaverse Hotel: Imagining a Virtual Hotel for the Web3 Age’

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20 Apr 2023
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From the eccentric minds of Matter Of Form comes a new white paper and accompanying video on what hotels and hospitality could look like in the metaverse.
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MOF Team
MOF Team

Seems like we crammed a lot of buzzwords in that title, doesn’t it? But whether the word ‘metaverse’ makes a laugh bubble up or dread settle in for you, it’s coming in some form or another.

We’ve seen the headlines. ‘Metaverse has already failed’. ‘Zuckerberg’s vision never even took off.’ A personal favourite: ‘Get ready for the meh-traverse’.

There are clearly obstacles to overcome for this new technology to gain ground. But we’re not the people to climb those walls.

Instead, we are the architects of why and how for timeless brands — so when the tech does mature and the barriers to entry become more malleable, they are there to seize its power. For a better next.

And if all the jargon still doesn’t sit well, know that the core of this paper is about distilling the essence of hospitality beyond the tangible.


We question what new meanings can be found for the industry in virtual spaces; what rituals can be leveraged when we remove physical boundaries?

We’ve imagined how the metaverse can be hospitality’s most immersive vessel yet. And then animated our visions. Breathing life into them with video and motion.


Subscribe for your copy via this link. For the best experience, save and download the paper as a PDF and let us know your thoughts. 

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