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April's Essential Reads

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16 Apr 2019
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Pressures on small retailers leads to consolidation, avocados can help when it comes to understanding life, and first photos of a black hole.
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MOF Team
MOF Team

This month, it’s all about taking a step back and finding fresh perspective.

A DTC goldrush leads to a rise in holding companies...but will small brands end up beholden to a new era of Yoox?

Glossy charts the trend toward holding companies supporting smaller brands with shared operations; in a time where returns, free shipping and exceptional customer service are mere table stakes.

On theme, have a read of BCG’s latest view on the evolution of fashion marketing.

A classic list of UX cliches

A wonderful compendium of commonly-cited UX one liners. Which makes me feel a bit stupid, as I’m pretty sure I pull out that hackneyed Henry Ford quote. Constantly.

An interview with Alex Gibney.

The maker of the documentary on Enron (love it), talks through his experience filming the Inventor, a documentary centred around Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos. The Silicon Valley company who fraudulently claimed to revolutionise blood tests…

Another related article (on frauds) here, in conversation with the lead designer for Fyre Festival, and his experience branding a scam.

The first black hole photos.

Need more be said? If you haven’t already, check out the ring of fire. Wired cover the story behind the photo.

Why you need to plant a tree before you need the shade.

A brilliant little avocado analogy from Seth Godin, on how to live life a little better. Worth the one-minute read.


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