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20 Mar 2019
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The pace of change seems to be accelerating across all sectors.
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MOF Team
MOF Team

The use of AI continues to raise eyebrows, cars are getting even smarter and we’re considered tired and past it by 30. Yet, the internet still runs through cables...

Audi now tell you just how fast to go to catch every green light

In a stroke of genius, Audi has launched a new feature that will advise you on the correct speed to go to ensure you never catch a red. To end all stop-starting.

The internet isn’t in the cloud

A fascinating read on how Google are embarking on a project to lay 750k of cables, thin as a hair, through the world's oceans, to make sure we’re better connected.

Has sustainability become some sort of luxury privilege?

Great view from Futurelab on Virgil Abloh’s recent collaboration with Evian to create beautifully designed reusable bottles. A one trick venture that misses the point. And fails to recognise an opportunity to build a wider ecosystem.

A new luxury retreat aims to cater to elderly workers in tech (read: 30 +)

Apparently a place to slow down as life speeds up. A hilariously targeted Silicon Valley venture caters to the broken dreams of those in tech 30+ and now seemingly ‘elder’.

Cameras that stop shoplifters before they steal?

Vaak, a Japanese startup, has developed artificial intelligence software that hunts for potential shoplifters, using footage from security cameras for fidgeting, restlessness and other potentially suspicious body language.

If that doesn't mark the beginning of technology that will likely be abused and repurposed for malignant purposes, I don’t know what is.

I’d be taken down every time. Can barely make it through immigration queues without being called out for looking so unhappy and irked.

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