Matter Of Form to Sponsor Aspiring Digital Creatives for Experience Haus’ User Experience Design Bootcamp and a Summer Internship Opportunity.

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11 Jul 2022
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In the same week that employment numbers in the creative industries surpassed their pre-pandemic levels, Matter Of Form is proud to launch educational sponsorships for two ambitious young creatives looking to break into user experience design.
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MOF Team
MOF Team

Experience Haus is a leading force in design education, aiming to galvanize the global creative economy and provide more affordable training courses for those seeking to pivot, refresh or upskill. Their courses span leadership, management, design and 360 bootcamps, including a new 5 Day User Experience Design course. 

Covering every aspect of digital product design – from user research tactics, design thinking and client management through to product and business strategy, user experience (UX) and user interface design (UI) – the comprehensive course sets students up for future success through a mix of lectures, collaborative workshops and real-world projects with local businesses.

Together with Experience Haus, Matter Of Form wants to create enriching experiences for young people who potentially don’t have the opportunity to infiltrate the decidedly inaccessible industries we operate in. We want to balance the scales, creating a leading space where who you know can never trump what you can do.



We’re looking for young, enthusiastic individuals between 16-18 years old, in particular welcoming applications from lower socio-economic backgrounds. No prior experience is required - just raw passion for creativity and design. 

The sponsorship will also include a week-long internship at Matter Of Form where students can put their freshly-developed skills into practice under the guidance of experts in the field.

The bootcamp will run multiple times throughout August and successful applicants will be able to choose when they would like to take part over a two-week period. 

Eager to explore the world of experience design? For a chance to win your space, design a solution to the brief below and submit your entry to

Earth's population keeps growing and with this comes increased demands to help people with all kinds of challenges and problems they face. There are constantly new products and services that are needed that can offer useful solutions. 

For example, how do we manage and track potential food shortages in countries, how do we design digital products that connect companies and potential workers, how do we manage vaccine rollouts, how do we build online communities, etc. There is a growing need for user experience designers to help decode so many pressing issues, problems and challenges.

What we ask of you is to first identify a problem that exists either now or may in the future, then tell us about a product you think can solve this idea, and then finally, why user experience design is of interest to you.

You can submit your entry in any format - you can send us a video (for example post something on Youtube), write a short article, design a poster, create a little website, post something on social media... you have complete freedom!

We will you all the best of luck with your entries and look forward to you joining us in August!

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