Matter Of Form CEO Anant Sharma Appointed as Trustee of Crafts Council

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29 May 2023
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Founded in 1972, the Crafts Council has been inspiring, empowering and nurturing the craft skills and knowledge of UK makers and businesses for over fifty years.
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MOF Team
MOF Team

From curating exhibitions to running education programmes, the charity aims to support and celebrate artisans who define, represent and push forward British craftsmanship. Their work provides vital research and advocacy — backed by government support and fundraising activities — to help people understand the social, economic and cultural value of craft, and advocate for policy changes that will support the growth of the sector.

Matter Of Form has so much respect for the painstaking dedication to quality many of the brands we work with embody — whether they’re in retail, hospitality, real estate or another sector. 

And as more analogue, original creation methods return in the name of sustainability and tech takes on a secondary, enhancing role to human hands, we’re honoured that our CEO & Founder, Anant Sharma, has been appointed as a trustee to help hold craft at the heart of culture and creativity — as it is for so many of our partners.

Anant Sharma Appointed as Trustee of Crafts Council

“In a time where so much has become rapidly disposable, the preservation and promotion of craft — a skill requiring long-term learning and continuous refinement— are critical to safeguarding our creative future, across both digital and analogue. I’m delighted to join the board of trustees, to help guide the organisation in how to hire, communicate and structure for the future. And provide a pair of ears for its brilliant leadership team.” – Anant Sharma.

With a deep love of design, Matter Of Form has always prided itself on exceptional artistry and skill. We’re a team of craft-honing, culture-tapping creatives who come together day in and day out to pursue innovative solutions and design what’s next for timeless brands. 

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