What The Luxe S1E1: ‘Why I Hate The Word Luxury’ with Anant Sharma

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24 Oct 2022
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Throwing up a middle finger to conventional notions, Matter Of Form's CEO Anant Sharma and COO Fred Moore are debunking conventions and conducting (occasionally) gracious debate on what’s next for luxury with their strong–and mostly sound–opinions on the sector alongside an enviable line-up of industry leaders.
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MOF Team
MOF Team

The first episode ‘Why I Hate The Word Luxury’ is a one-on-one between MOF co-founders dissecting Anant’s distaste for the term despite their line of work, complimented by some light-hearted jabs and the acknowledgement of a decidedly small audience. 

Covering everything from the blanding phenomenon and eccentric brand ambassadors to NFTs and Anant’s hypothetical life as a full-time DJ, What The Luxe’s pilot will debunk and demystify those ‘WTF’ moments we all have when it comes to defining luxury. 

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What The Luxe - Episode One


(0.00) Introduction

(1.21) Why Anant started Matter Of Form?

(4.55) Redefining the Word Luxury

(6.52) Luxury Stakeholder Personas

(9.51) Defining Perceived Value in the Luxury Market

(14.28) Metaverse & Web3 for Luxury Brands

(17.28) Branding to Blanding: Inside Innovation & Design

(19.02) Luxury Brand Collaborations: The New Face of Luxury

(20.45) Innovation in Luxury - Subscriptions & Business Models

(22.50) Loyalty in Luxury

(24.21) Sustainability & Luxury

(27.43) How Luxury Brands can Become 'Timeless'

(32.58) Hot Seat Questions

Episode 2, coming soon. Until then, give us your take on luxury’s definition on Twitter using the hashtag #WhatTheLuxeor you can find us on socials at @MatterOfForm.

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