What The Luxe S1E2: The Beauty of Places In Between with Sam Highley, Founder of All Roads North

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10 Nov 2022
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Throwing up a middle finger to conventional notions of luxury travel, All Roads North Founder Sam Highley joins Matter Of Form’s COO Fred Moore for the second episode of What The Luxe.
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MOF Team
MOF Team

All Roads North is an unpretentious luxury travel company that custom designs unforgettable American road trips, because it’s not just where you travel, it’s how you travel. 

Tune in as these two old friends tap into All Roads North’s ‘unpretentious luxury’ ethos, the many faces of the luxury road tripper and whether tech has the potential to displace the bespoke travel advisor. 

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What The Luxe - Episode Two


(0.00) Introduction

(5.10) The Journey to All Roads North

(7.00) Misconceptions of America

(8.40) Founding All Roads North & Entering the Travel Industry

(11.00) The Beauty of Places In Between

(13.10) Defining ‘Unpretentious Luxury’

(17.00) Different International Travellers & Their Characteristics

(21.35) Technology & Innovation in Luxury Travel

(23.15) The Impact of VR, AR & The Metaverse

(26.15) Hopes for the Travel Sector

(28.30) Sequoia Parks Conservancy

(31.20) The Role of Travel in Society

(33.30) Hot Seat Questions

Episode 3, coming soon. Until then, give us your take on the changing landscape of luxury travel on Twitter using the hashtag #WhatTheLuxeor you can find us on socials at @MatterOfForm.

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