What The Luxe S1E3: The Spirit of Innovation & Web3 with Charlotte Shaw, CMO of BlockBar

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20 Dec 2022
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In the third episode of What The Luxe, Fred and Anant sit down with Charlotte Shaw, CMO of BlockBar — the world’s first DTC NFT marketplace for luxury wine and spirits.
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MOF Team
MOF Team

Founded by Sam and Dov Falic, BlockBar is building a new legacy for the industry — giving power back to buyers in the form of ownership, via blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and NFTs. 

They’re democratising luxury access, maintaining a balance between volume and scarcity while empowering anyone in the world to invest in fine wines and rare spirits, offering optimal storage, ironclad insurance, global shipping and a secure marketplace for resale. 

Tune in wherever you get your podcasts as Charlotte reveals her fascinating journey to join BlockBar and their exponential success since, how she thinks Web3 will revolutionise the luxury industry and a rallying cry for more women to make waves in the tech of tomorrow. 

Disclaimer: You will find yourself googling how to buy shares in BlockBar after listening. 

For optimal content-complimenting conditions, we recommend enjoying a glass of wine or your favourite whiskey while you listen. 

Get a taste with this teaser…

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