What The Luxe S1E6: A Love Letter To Craft with Ming Lampson, Renowned Designer & CEO of Ming Jewellery

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13 Feb 2023
Read time: 2 MIN
Fred sits down with world-renowned designer and jeweller Ming Lampson to mine her philosophy for crafting one-of-a-kind pieces, the story behind the stones and where fine jewellery is headed.
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MOF Team
MOF Team

For Ming, gemstones and jewellery is a lifelong love that has travelled from Galway’s balmy, bohemian streets to the Pink City of Jaipur. Now cosily settled in London’s Notting Hill, Ming’s workshop is a place to channel that love by designing one-of-a-kind pieces for those who covet the story as much as the stone itself.

As Ming paints a picture of her career to date, Fred taps into what drives her creatively, jewellery’s sustainable future and how to innovate while staying true to the magic of making by hand.

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