What The Luxe S2E2: Reinventing an Industry with Robin Chadha, Chief Brand Officer of citizenM

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20 Jun 2023
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An inspiring entrepreneur and great friend, Robin Chadha has built something truly unique with citizenM since its 2008 inception. In the latest episode of What The Luxe S2 Robin reveals the story of citizenM, the lightbulb moment behind the concept and the brand’s distinctive take on luxury.
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MOF Team
MOF Team

Robin’s background is a vibrant one — sprawling from Wall Street to luxury fashion to the wild world of nightclub ownership and now to citizenM. A permanent fascination with hospitality has accompanied him on that journey, forever seeking out the newest clubs, bars and hotels in each city he found himself in. 

In 2005, Robin opened Rain in Amsterdam’s party district; an ahead-of-the-curve restaurant and cocktail bar turned nightclub when the sun goes down. In 2008, he rejoined the family business which would eventually become global hotel developer citizenM. 

Viewing the industry in a more holistic, macro sense than traditional hoteliers, citizenM places huge emphasis on a digitally-enhanced, frictionless experience for every guest. 

Diving into the ‘why’ as well as the importance of approaching innovation from a guest perspective rather than a tech perspective, Anant and Robin talk everything from pandemic obstacles and launching an app to citizenM’s unique take on the term luxury.

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