What The Luxe S2E3: Crafting “Stop The Clock” Moments with Mike Battle, Founder & CEO of Lapland UK

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19 Jul 2023
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In the latest episode of What The Luxe, Fred welcomes Mike Battle, Founder & CEO of Lapland UK – an immersive Christmas experience set in Ascot and MOF client – to talk about how the brand came to be, its spell for success and what comes next in the Lapland story.
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MOF Team
MOF Team

Childlike wonder is easily one of the purest things in the world. And even though as adults we get glimpses of it here and there, we know all too well how fleeting that moment in time can be. Especially when it comes to Christmas. 

Like many parents, Mike and Alison Battle dreamt of extending their four boys’ festive wonder for as long as possible, weaving tales of a distant elven world with Father Christmas at its centre. And in 2007, that world became real. 

Fifteen years later, Lapland UK has welcomed over one million guests and counting. Proving that families the world over—young and old—want to revel in the belief for that little while longer. 

Bringing some of that wonder with him to the podcast, Mike Battle sits down with MOF COO Fred Moore to tell the tale of Lapland itself and how they’re fuelled by a resolute purpose: to bring families together, bonding them in suspended disbelief, awe and those “stop the clock” moments. 

Together the two touch on the complexities of the immersive experience business model, the importance of integrity when working with an open IP and how everything that can be considered luxury starts and ends with craft – a simple want to create something extraordinary. 

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