What The Luxe S2E5: The Power of International Perspectives with Rosie Shephard, Founder of The Luxury Communications Council

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18 Sep 2023
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Fred sits down with Rosie Shephard, Founder of The Luxury Communications Council and Shepherd Communications, for a gem of an episode tracking the many shifts happening in the luxury sector, from brand purpose and loyalty models to the many varying waves of tech hype.
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MOF Team

Founded in 2017, the Luxury Communications Council (LCC) is an invitation-only network of luxury experts made up of top Marketing & Communication experts who are key voices, visionaries and decision-makers in the luxury marketplace.

LCC founder Rosie Shephard has over seventeen years of experience in the luxury space, having also founded Shephard Communications — a company representing some of the most prestigious global hospitality, travel, fashion, beauty, luxury and lifestyle brands. 

In the latest episode of What The Luxe, Fred sits down with Rosie to chat about luxury’s ever-evolving landscape, ongoing market shifts, new definitions and their role in the wider world. 

With members from French champagne maisons, Italian fashion houses and Swiss watchmakers, Rosie and the rest of the LCC team are all about equipping and inspiring a staid luxury sector to be first-movers and innovators in perhaps unexpected places, via insights, tools and voices on an international scale. 

Touching on the heritage crutch used by so many, together Rosie and Fred make a compelling case for using influence and privilege to push life, culture and society forward. Tapping into how democratisation and ease of access are changing concepts of ownership and luxury; how the hype around NFTs is fading, replaced with AI mania, leaving behind a fundamental change in the structure of loyalty models and finally, why international perspectives are the key to a more fruitful future for luxury — one that’s less ‘pearl-clutching’ and more purposeful.

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