What The Luxe S2E6: Provenance, Context & The Soul of Things with Tom Goodwin – Author of ‘Digital Darwinism’

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27 Sep 2023
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As a provocateur who stands against the hype, Tom Goodwin doesn’t mince words. If anything, calls for common sense and specific language punctuate an impressive portfolio and the latest episode of What The Luxe is no different as Tom joins Anant for a conversation spanning craft, context and human nature.
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MOF Team

“Joy comes from the tales we tell ourselves” — one of many acute sound bytes within Tom's episode. An unsurprising feat when you consider Tom himself has been described as “the right kind of futurist” with a “unique combination of passion, empathy and audacity” that pulls everyone in and provokes even the deepest of thinkers.

His work is vast, weaving together cultural dialogue, business truths and a genuine curiosity for the future. But that's not to say Tom doesn’t understand the necessity of nuance. In fact, it’s the essential nature of context that underpins much of the episode.

Alongside host, Matter Of Form CEO Anant Sharma, Tom unpicks the qualities — intangible and otherwise — that constitute luxury, the elements that give something soul, before the two journey through topics like the philosophy of superfakes, death of longform, whether AI hype is warranted, tech’s relationship with luxury, loyalty myths and more. 

Accentuated with candour and genuine intrigue for subjects that go beyond mere headlines, Tom and Anant present a solid case for context and healthy friction, plus a fundamental need to challenge the ways we think now, to conceive future solutions that aren’t a repeat of what’s come before.

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