What The Luxe S2E8: ‘Destination-Last Travel’ with Geordie Mackay-Lewis, Co-Founder & CEO of Pelorus

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13 Nov 2023
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Wrapping up What The Luxe’s second series, Fred is joined by Geordie Mackay-Lewis; a former soldier turned co-founder of bespoke experience group Pelorus, who design and lead transformative travel experiences for those who desire something different.
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Not a typical travel agent – barely an agent at all in fact – Pelorus was founded in 2017 to bring a new mindset and approach to experiential travel and yachting, transforming people’s perspective on the world and their impact on the planet through immersive and sustainable experiences that are unique to each and every traveller Pelorus work with.

They are, Geordie explains, a destination-last kind of travel specialist. They’re operators who specialise in intention – discovering what people want from these extraordinary experiences and offering tangible, fully-felt ROI. 

Whether it’s diving off the Pacific coast of British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest or a two-wheel trek across the Omani desert on Harley-Davidsons, Pelorus are all about safety, comfort and the luxury of raw and rustic experiences.

Throughout the episode, Geordie and Fred hit the big questions; sustainability in luxury travel, where the gaps are in the market, who the audience is, as well as niche topics like Pelorus’ AI-proof premise and the beauty of being off-grid. Tune in for all that and more, interspersed with stories so fascinating you’ll be dreaming of a Pelorus adventure for weeks to come.

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