What The Luxe S3E4: The Compulsive Pursuit of Beauty in Craft with Fromental Founders, Tim Butcher & Lizzie Deshayes

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11 Apr 2024
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Welcoming designer-makers and founders of Fromental (pronounced From-on-tal) Tim Butcher & Lizzie Deshayes to the podcast, host Fred Moore uncovers the pair’s take on everything from beauty’s everyday vitality to the process behind creating beautiful things.
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MOF Team

In 2005, Tim Butcher and Lizzie Deshayes founded Fromental, establishing their reputation with hand-painted, hand-embroidered silk wall coverings. Twenty years later, they’re well-versed in plenty of other decorative mediums – everything from artworks to textiles – having carved out a singular space in the interiors market. 

At the heart of their success is an appreciation that this superlative craftsmanship leads to beauty that enriches life – not only in the visual manifestation of the art itself but equally the stories that live behind and within it.

Covering everything from their definitions of luxury and the timelessness of traditional craft to the innate fun of creation and the nuances of taste in designing for designers, Lizzie and Tim effortlessly weave a narrative explaining how crafting beautiful things is a compulsive and human act.

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[01.14] How Fromental Came To Be

[04.10] Tim & Lizzie’s Working Dymanic

[07.26] What Drives Them

[09.40] Building & Growing The Business

[13.00] The Design Process

[16.52] China, Tradition & Immersion

[19.00] Saying No To Commissions

[20.32] Working with Harris Reed & The Goring Hotel

[22.33] Tastes & Guiding Principles

[25.19] Printing Tech, Innovation & AI

[29.28] Luxury & Longevity

[31.33] Tim & Lizzie’s Definitions of Luxury

[33.38] Where Do You See Fromental in 10 Years?

[36.27] Outro Questions

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