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23 Oct 2018
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As a non-profit human rights defence community, GANHRI is among the most extraordinary of Matter Of Form’s clients.
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MOF Team
MOF Team

Based in Geneva, the Global Alliance for National Human Rights Institutions (GANHRI) is a global network of National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) – administrative bodies set up to promote, protect and monitor human rights in a given country. GANHRI is a pillar of enduring support for all its members offering advice and leadership.

After a highly competitive public tender and audited procurement process, Matter Of Form were honoured to have been selected to work with GANHRI in their mission to boost its on and offline presence.

Currently, a lack of easy to access information and laborious site journey has undervalued the specialist library GANHRI houses. Perceptions of the international body is often limited to its role as an accreditor, ignoring the institution as an enduring alliance of diplomatic bodies.

Matter Of Form were tasked with redefining GANHRI’s vision and mission complete with communication guidelines and digital templates.

Given GANHRI’s especially complex stakeholder map with an incredible range of member typologies - including bureau members, regional chairs, finance committee members, diplomats and NGOs - an academic approach to the project provided fundamental insight into the GANHRI network. Extensive interview research aided the creation of a detailed user journey map and spotlighted the needs and pain points of an array of personas.

We have developed a clear value proposition for GANHRI that all prospective and current members can coalesce behind. With a connected, authoritative, and most importantly inclusive tone of voice, this value proposition can be broadcast across all social channels to invite members to collaborate and learn. 

It is essential GANHRI’s digital platform allows users to access information in an efficient and accurate way. MOF will offer a digitised, interactive prototype to demonstrate the ease of navigation, whilst benefiting from being able to test and evaluate the proposed site structure. It will be key for evaluating how the future website build will render from different platforms and cater to the varying levels of technology in different countries.

Matter Of Form aims to showcase the far-reaching impact of GANHRI as a global alliance stating clear aims and measures for its success. A communication strategy that enables segmentation of emails and personalisation of content, will provide valuable analysis of member and stakeholder engagement.

Leveraging on a bold digital engagement, GANHRI will more efficiently facilitate and mandate the global alliance, celebrated by stakeholders for its achievements at a local and global scale and better recognised as a hub of resources. Matter Of Form is incredibly excited to venture onwards with GANHRI, offering retained support, design and communication solutions as well as continued digital innovation for a truly unique client.

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