Introducing BrightLeap

18 March 2015 | MOF Team

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Introducing BrightLeap

BrightLeap is Matter Of Form’s latest venture, presented at the 11 Plus Conference in London and built in partnership with tutor company Bright Young Things. BrightLeap’s unique features enable children to take 11+ practice tests, common entrance exams and grammar school entrance exams online. These foolproof tests were created by Oxbridge educated tutors, who specialise in preparing students everyday for their 11+ exams.

The 11+ conference, which brings together teachers, head teachers, examiners and education industry experts in the area of the 11 plus preparation, provides the ideal platform for unveiling BrightLeap. With excellent speakers such as Harry Mount (The Telegraph) and Dr Chris Ray (Independent Schools Inspectorate), the 11 Plus Conference is a chance to keep up with the latest developments in education and to get to know more about BrightLeap with the help one of our representatives.