Matter Of Form selected to revitalise Banham’s brand strategy

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17 Aug 2017
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LONDON, Aug 17, 2017. Banham confirmed today that Matter Of Form have been selected to rebrand their organisation.
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Originally founded in 1926 by William Banham, the business were famous for inventing the automatic latch bolt. ‘Burglar Bill’, a character brandishing a swag bag who featured in their advertising, became an icon representing the increasing importance of home-security.

Since inception the business has continued to remain family owned, and are now widely considered market leaders in the security industry. Their product portfolio has widened to include not only high end patented locks but also key concierge services, security alarms and access control provision.

Matter Of Form’s proposition provided an overview of more than just competitors within their direct set, also analysing other digital-first disruptors. The agency looked closely at the role security products would play in a ‘sharing economy’ rapidly moving towards smart-locks and smart-homes. Their strategy also appraised other sectors undergoing similar shifts (such as the watch market), concluding that Banham must exist in a craft-driven category of one.

The culmination of their strategy will result in a revitalised brand identity and customer experience strategy, also combing eCommerce with digital and physical product innovation.

Matter Of Form CEO Anant Sharma added, “We’re incredibly excited to work with a brand who place such a value on craft, and operate as leaders in a market in which we will see significant behaviour change and product innovation over the next few years.”


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