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Alexander McQueen’s Sarabande Foundation X Matter Of Form

Category: Digital
08 Oct 2018
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As part of the ‘Let’s Get Digital’ Series, Alexander McQueen’s Sarabande Foundation invited a series of industry experts

Including Matter Of Form’s Liz Falconer, to share their knowledge on setting up, managing and marketing eCommerce platforms. Over eight years, Matter Of Form has built an extensive portfolio of expertise in eCommerce, delivering exceptional online platforms for clients such as SWEAR, The New Craftsman and The Rug Company.

The Sarabande Foundation was borne out of the creativity and experiences of Lee Alexander McQueen. The institution offers scholarships to students at graduate and postgraduate level, as well as housing artist studios at Sarabande HQ for designers, artists and jewellers. As an institution inspiring change-makers, absorbing diverse creative influences and applying them in new and exciting ways, Sarabande is very much aligned to Matter Of Form’s own value-driven approach.

We were, therefore, honoured to share our thoughts on the specialist eCommerce industry to an audience of one hundred on 12th September 2018. Liz is a Project Manager at Matter Of Form Group Company, Form Commerce; a retail consultancy and eCommerce delivery firm with a sector focus on high-end fashion and lifestyle brands. With approximately eight years’ experience in digital, she now specialises in building eCommerce platforms using the likes of Magento and Shopware.

Liz alongside IT associate at Baker McKenzie, Rachel Gibbons, hosted the talk providing direct insight into the workings of the eCommerce sector from those at its epicentre. Their insightful talk focused on the initial stages of setting up an eCommerce platform, discussing the dos and don'ts of costing, transactional protocol and website testing.

Liz will be sharing her eCommerce expertise at a series of upcoming training events hosted by Experience Haus, another Matter Of Form Group company. The firm offers practitioner taught technical skills training for high demand disciplines.

She will be hosting a free introductory course to eCommerce on 10th October 2018, and assist a three day masterclass in January. The ‘Getting Started with eCommerce’ course will demystify the sector and offer key skills needed to deliver an effective eCommerce strategy.

Should you wish to learn more about Experience Haus’ offerings, please do not hesitate to contact us via learn@experiencehaus.com.  To hear more about the amazing work at Sarabande, including lectures on the basics of business and life drawing, visit their website via this link.

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