Matter Of Form Designs Brand & Digital Experience for The BoTree, London’s Newest Luxury Hotel

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22 Sep 2023
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Opened in September 2023, The BoTree stands where Marylebone, Mayfair and Soho meet — a five-star hotel in both luxury and location, blending vibrant design with a conscious ethos.
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MOF Team
MOF Team

The first property in the portfolio of new luxury hotel collection Place III Hotels, The BoTree is for those who seek a sense of belonging in the places they explore. And it’s a truth our team loved distilling in The BoTree’s brand experience. 

Our brief was to conceive a brand that turns locals into friends and returning guests into neighbourhood familiars. A brand that stands for connection between people, place and planet.

Standing at the intersection of three worlds, both Mayfair and Soho’s reputations precede them on a global scale. Marylebone is known to Londoners as a residential area yet is perfectly positioned for city exploration. We needed to make The BoTree’s location the go-to destination for guests, combining the secrets of ‘Marylebone charm, Mayfair chic and Soho originality’ to elevate its positioning, both geographically and within hospitality.

Our visual identity work sprung from a desire to reflect the character and promise of The BoTree as well as celebrate their unique fusion of contemporary, conscious luxury and meaningful connection. We crafted guidelines to create one coherent world, bringing every facet of The BoTree together, and to life. Vibrant colours and quirky layouts complemented the convivial, editorial style of their art direction.

Earlier in September, our team attended The BoTree launch party and even multiple site visits throughout our partnership couldn’t have prepared us for how remarkable the hotel is upon opening. 

The BoTree is undoubtedly one of the most exciting London openings this year, reflective of the modern luxury guest — thoughtful, curious and enlightened. We had a brilliant night celebrating the launch with their team and look forward to The BoTree’s fruitful future. It was a joy to work on the project.
Fred Moore, COO, Matter Of Form

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