5 minutes on ... East London

14 March 2014 | MOF Team

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We’ve been talking to fellow agencies and creatives in our area in Shoreditch

To find out what makes us all tick, which technology and apps we can’t live without, why we love where we work and which places are our favourite hidden treasures.

This week we asked: what is your favourite hidden treasure in East London?

Chris Hassell, Founder of Ralph & Co

"It’s not at all hidden but you can’t beat the Thai Street Food place in Boxpark."

Ankita Bhargava, Online Marketing Manager, Crab Creative

"Happiness Forgets (smallest cocktail bar in Hoxton square) perfect start to a night out in Shoreditch."

Luke Thomson, Co-founder of ReChannel

"Buffalo Orange - amazing chicken wings in Truman Yard."

Will Wigram, Diffusion Digital

"The Birdcage on Columbia Road, especially on friday and saturday nights for karaoke."

Luke Faragher, Managing Director, Drawn in Digital

"Im going to say a BBQ joint called Dukes, I don't think I have ever been happier with a plate of food in my life."

Mark McDermott, Creative Director, CodeAgent

"Huckle, the Barber on Old St."

James Sitki, Creative Director, Twentieth Century Boy

"My Nan's house, where she has lived since she was born 85 years ago -for me that has more entertainment, history, food and cool factor than any other new establishment."

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