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Dating isn't data, discover Tickr

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30 Jun 2015
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With the help of Matter Of Form, Tickr is changing the way people meet and interact online, providing an experience that’s the next best thing to meeting in person.
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MOF Team
MOF Team

This week sees the launch of brand new dating website, Tickr, set to revolutionise the outdated world of dating.

Flipping dating on its head, the website, aimed at singles looking for love, romance and friendship, offers members the opportunity to get to see someone properly via short videos rather than mindlessly swiping right.

Members create short videos displaying their personalities, interests and hobbies, earning 'ticks' if they are liked and 'icks' if they are not. Once members mutually tick each other - it's a match and the conversation can then begin.

No more ambiguous hook-up apps or inaccurate algorithms and laborious compatibility tests like other popular dating sites; Tickr gives users access to the strongest tool at their disposal – gut feeling.

With a creative approach to search and display marketing that supports the brand’s identity, Matter Of Form ideated a campaign that revolves around the power of video. Innovative formats such as Google’s Engagement Ads and YouTube InStream along with display banners will reach out to relevant audiences. Matter Of Form’s imaginative pay-per-click strategy infuses playfulness into an otherwise monotone sector and doesn’t shy away from going after bigger competitors.

Identifying the potential between brand messaging and users’ online searches led the thinking behind Tickr’s SEO strategy, also managed by Matter Of Form.

Daniel Freeman of Tickr states:
"The dating scene can be a treacherous one – with apps promising the flame of romance but leaving you with a damp squib, to sites playing cupid that leave you cold. Unlike other sites or apps where you can lose a perfect match at the slip of a finger, Tickr allows its users to hit it off quicker with profiles that move – giving you the chance to really get to know your match."

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