Matter Of Form works in close partnership with Vispring to deliver an extensive design concept, UX strategy & site build

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10 Jan 2020
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Vispring’s bespoke approach using only sustainable, responsibly sourced natural ingredients have made them a market leader in high-end beds and mattresses.
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MOF Team
MOF Team

Vispring’s bespoke approach using only sustainable, responsibly sourced natural ingredients have made them a market leader in high-end beds and mattresses. Pioneering use of craftsmanship allows Vispring to deliver unparalleled nights sleep for its customers, with resultant health benefits that extend far beyond mere night time comfort. 

In close partnership with Vispring, Matter Of Form have been working on a user experience strategy that demystifies Visprings product proposition and product range. A new design concept has been introduced to help sharpen Vispring’s brand identity, showcasing its product portfolio through a lifestyle lens and truly bringing it to life. The website will be ready for a much-anticipated launch in January. 

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The approach to UX has allowed for the execution of exceptionally crafted touchpoints throughout the online Vispring journey, ensuring effortless navigation with clear taxonomy and categorisation of products. A ‘store locator’ tool accommodates over 300 store details and navigation globally. Balancing form with function has been a priority, setting the tone for Vispring’s ongoing approach to digital design and development. 

Commenting on the partnership, Ryan Latham CMO for Vispring reflected on the teams' dedication to quality and full-service approach.

“Working with the team at Matter Of Form has been an absolute pleasure. A deep understanding of our business strategy has helped digitally showcase one hundred years’ worth of master craftsmanship -- what makes us truly unique. Our specific business challenges were rigorously dissected, allowing for a clear categorisation of products and storytelling throughout the user journey. We eagerly look forward to our continued partnership.”

Simone Stråhle, Account Director at Matter Of Form added, “Working with Vispring offered new heights of innovation for MOF. As a non-transactional site, we hoped to avoid purely storytelling. A focus on navigation and product presentation handholds the user as they personalise mattresses and divan combinations. We’re delighted Vispring has afforded us this opportunity to better communicate and represent the brand in a more premium and unique way.”  

Since the partnership’s inception in August, Matter Of Form has been working to deliver an updated online experience that better reflects Vispring’s already established reputation. Matter Of Form is thrilled with the outcome to date and very much look forward to future engagements with Vispring.

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About Vispring

Vispring, founded in 1901 in London, is one of the world’s most luxurious and prestigious bed and mattress makers. With each of the beds being completely handmade and bespoke to each customer, they are using 100% natural ingredients and pioneered in the creation of the modern-day pocket sprung mattress. 

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