Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

Crafting a digital experience for legendary luxury transportation


From their finest flagship to the true gateway to the Belmond brand.

Live Site



The Challenge

Gifting guests one-of-a-kind experiences in every corner of our world, Belmond has been a pioneer of luxury travel for over 40 years with no plans to slow down. In fact, the LVMH-owned brand accelerated their luxury train travel offering with a relaunch of the Venice Simplon Orient Express. 

A partner of Matter Of Form since 2016, Belmond came to us to architect a website that reflects the magnificence of the experience, inspires and empowers potential guests to click ‘book’ and positions the VSOE as the true gateway product to the Belmond brand. 

Translating Timeless Glamour


A living legend of luxury transportation, the VSOE’s history began during the golden age of travel – such an iconic heritage was essential to explore within the site design. 

It also had to appeal to a new kind of luxurian. With an influx of younger high-net-worth individuals flocking to travel as a meaningful way to spend their money, every element of the site – from videography to interactivity – must engage and compel every generation, balancing heritage and new horizons in a perfect equation for timelessness.

Infusing Brand Essence At Every Stop Along The Way


Content and UX working hand-in-hand was key as VSOE guests felt ill-equipped due to a lack of information given prior to boarding. So we mapped the digital experience contextually – identifying opportune gaps for moments of delight, service and conversion and optimal methods for conveying information.

From a visual perspective, taking potential guests through each ‘chapter’ of their journey, connected by a cartographical animation as the user scrolls, mirrored the luxurious means offered by Belmond for continental travel.