Helping to scale the most international luxury floral brand.


Augmenting through the line commerce & content services for a fast growing, disruptive venture leading its category.


2019 - Present

The Challenge

We’ve worked with FLOWERBX for two years, a thriving and fast growing luxury florist that’s gaining global recognition for being the pick of the bunch in a category full of new digital players. The business sets themselves apart through their chic single variety style of bouquets and ‘cut-to-order’ model, which allows customers to get only the freshest of flowers. Their reputation has enabled them to grow quickly into 24 countries across Europe and take the West and East Coast of the US. A huge accomplishment for a brand that’s only six years old.


This rapid rate of development requires coherent design thinking. Matter Of Form acts as FLOWERBX’s strategic design partner, helping them to bring order to their online customer experience by zooming out and looking at how brand, technology and UX work together to deliver their business objectives - a fun and challenging task when the product is so location and time dependent.

The Approach

Matter Of Form started by understanding the growth ambitions for FLOWERBX, which we used as a foundation to audit the site. We looked specifically at data to reveal customer pain points and issues with UX best practices for eCommerce. The initial output was a practical set of recommendations which were aligned to their goals.


We noticed some significant issues. A high bounce rate from their basket and checkout pages due to layout problems and complexities around location specific offers and bundles was one of the biggest priorities to fix. This led us to reworking both templates to smooth out the customer journey through conversion focused UX. We also redesigned the whole flow for their postcode ‘look-up’ so that users can understand whether certain products are available to them or not (before getting right down the purchase funnel).


Amongst many other things, we also helped them to recreate their subscriptions offering, an undertaking that has been hugely successful for them.

The Results

MOF structured the whole engagement through a light exploratory piece of work (Discovery) and affordable monthly retainer, which included UX, design and some tech oversight (to ensure that what we design is implementable by their development team).

The achievements speak for themselves with a 319% uplift in number of transactions from 2019 to 2020. We are continuing to work with FLOWERBX to guide them through important design decisions and to resolve issues with their online experience. This has helped them position themselves for a fresh round of funding.