A Brand, Design & Digital Agency deeply rooted in the hospitality sector, Matter Of Form knows what it is to architect timeless luxury for travel & hospitality’s finest names. 

From the streets of London to the Okavango Delta, our work dots the globe; each marque a delicate balance of bold thinking and thoughtful design.


As once-fixed consumers become hyper-dynamic citizens and product mindsets shift to service, experience and placemaking must be designed around story and spirit.

Whether it’s designing the future of loyalty for LVMH’s most renowned travel house, an immersive app for the world’s first commercial spaceline, innovative CX for a prestigious British collection or rebranding an entire island; we’ve done so much in this space. And can’t wait to do so much more as a luxury hospitality branding agency.

Luxury branding unveils a hyper-reality, painting a captivating vision of the ultimate travel experience. We understand that embracing raw and rugged encounters fosters extraordinary and unparalleled connections with both individuals and destinations. We know hotels of the future have roles to fill as community hubs, safe spaces and places with purpose. And we know that future is coming sooner than most are ready for.  

Imagining a Virtual Hotel for the Web3 Age.

Buzzword or not, the metaverse is coming in some form or another. So we challenged ourselves to conceive what hospitality could look like in this new realm.

We asked questions like: what hidden meanings and rituals could be leveraged when untethered from corporeal boundaries?

We unpicked the symbiotic relationship between human progress and technological. We imagined how the metaverse could be hospitality’s most immersive vessel yet.

And then we animated our visions. Breathing life into them with video and motion…



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