Sani Resort

Mapping the Med


From a sprawling concept to a precise, thoughtful experience.



The Challenge

Spanning five hotels and three natural worlds, Sani – the world’s leading family & beach resort – has carved out a sanctuary along the Aegean coast where possibilities are endless. 

Appointed to unlock the essence of the brand across all touch points, our project delivered in-depth UX and visual design, a digital-first guest experience, technology strategy and an optimised data dashboard – all of which dissolved the gap between the brand’s perception and the IRL experience. 

Creating ‘The Things We Long For’

Much of the beauty of travel lies in the anticipation. So from a guest’s very first interaction with Sani, our intricately-devised strategy teases their sense of wonder. 

Five hotels in one peninsula proved to be confusing for prospective guests. We sifted through various demo- and psychographics extensively, matching specific audiences to each location, 

Our solution laced together optimised wayfinding on location, simplifying navigation for guests between hotels; our app development clarifies the whole scope of offerings for guests before they even touchdown and a refined content strategy illustrates the resort’s ongoing sustainability initiatives – especially catering to the rise in conscious travellers post-pandemic. 

Designing Every Moment

Mapping every point of interaction for guests, we crafted a multi-channel service across web and mobile that covers all their needs from initial discovery and booking through to their time at the resort, including check in, concierge, self service booking, guided tours and transportation.

We took on a ‘show’ rather than ‘tell’ mentality in design, confident in the beauty of the location, the appeal of Sani’s offerings and our production team to bring these to life visually through wonder-inducing video and awe-inspiring stills.

Ensuring Time Well Spent

Together or apart, generations of family or just one, Sani is a place dedicated to time well spent. We extended that sentiment across web and mobile, but also streamlined their tech systems and processes so even the time staff spends at Sani is pleasant and productive – making every moment matter, for everyone.