Customisable commerce for the fastest growth brand in jewellery.


Translating the Vashi in-store experience for a digital-first audience.

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2019 - Present

The Challenge

Having been in jewellery for over 20 years, Vashi Rodriguez wanted to bring something fresh, contemporary and inclusive to the industry with his eponymous jewellery brand.

Inviting the customer to collaborate, the brand’s concept is centred around creating meaning in gifting an item that has been co-created by the gift giver. With maker’s studios available to customers in stores, the Vashi team wanted to ensure the digital experience of making a piece of jewellery for a loved one was also translated online.

Matter Of Form had access to years’ worth of anecdotal evidence across some of the longer-standing Vashi team members and ensured that this feedback was used to create an elegant online journey which, when overlaid with beautiful new designs, gave the brand the digital experience it deserves.


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