What The Luxe S3E6: Making The “Everyday Extraordinary” with Wayne Bruce, Chief Communications and D&I Officer at Bentley Motors

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09 May 2024
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Wayne Bruce, known as ManBat to some and Bentley’s Chief Comms and D&I Officer to many, has had an illustrious career in automotive – one he unpacks in the latest episode of What The Luxe, along with everything that makes Bentley Motors what it is today.
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Though he concedes there’s advantage in having a memorable moniker, Wayne Bruce’s success doesn’t stem from his name. Having always been inspired by cars – “the way they look, they way they move, the design, the materials, the noise, the imagery, the brands behind them, the history, the heritage, all of it.” – his career has spanned many a household name, from Bentley and Volkswagen to McLaren and Nissan. 

As Chief Comms and D&I Officer at Bentley Motors, Wayne leads all comms across Bentley’s global markets with just as much focus on internal as external. Alongside his fascination with the aesthetics, branding and marketing of luxury automotive, Wayne is devoted to diversity, especially in the workplace, and, since bringing D&I into his remit, has launched #BelongingAtBentley – the brand’s overarching initiative that captures everything from their monthly extraordinary talks with inspirational figures to decisions to sponsor the factory’s local Pride event. 

Sitting down with What The Luxe, Wayne pulls back the curtain on Bentley Motors – from the strategic trifecta that turned the business around following their biggest loss in 2018 to their values of craft, tech and sustainability to the essence of the Bentley experience: how they want customers to feel inside their vehicles. 

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[00.50] Dis/Advantageous Nicknames

[02.30] Wayne’s Background

[04.47] Returning to Bentley

[06.05] Vehicle Personalisation

[12.48] The Process: Digital Consultancy v In-Person

[14.33] The Essence of a Bentley

[17.17] Changes in The Automotive Industry

[19.53] What Bentley Means – Beyond Cars

[21.33] Trends That Excite & Those That Don’t

[24.46] Bentley’s Turnaround

[26.06] Definitions of Luxury & The Changing Consumer

[28.20] Bentley’s Values

[29.07] Bentley’s Workplace Shifts – Diversity Wins

[34.37] Outro Questions

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