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James Hambro & Partners

Meaningful Wealth Management for Every Client


Turning a quintessentially British brand into a household name


2021 - Present

The Challenge

In what is still a commonly misunderstood industry saturated with jargon, James Hambro & Partners are champions of doing things differently. 

Able to rely on a stellar category reputation and prosperous performance, the company set their sights on widening not only awareness of the JH&P brand but engagement with their unique methods of managing wealth and investment. 

To celebrate ten years of business and ensure an enduring legacy, James Hambro & Partners united with Matter Of Form to produce a distinct positioning, brand and digital experience to become a household name in Britain, beyond the confines of their sector.

A Category-Defining Philosophy

As digital becomes the default and new waves of wealth enter the fold, financial planning and asset management are of rising importance to many. 

James Hambro & Partners are especially receptive to these cultural shifts, operating on a fundamentally different philosophy from traditional wealth managers. Their team works across a flat hierarchy, framed by a partnership model that empowers JH&P’s wealth managers to go ‘above and beyond’ for every single client — a differentiator our strategy team was keen to infuse in their refined positioning.

Matter Of Form grasped our unique proposition, structure and culture easily and with care, refining the essence of the business we are all very proud of and distilling that into a visual and verbal identity that is distinctly James Hambro & Partners. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome.
Martina Iannotti, Head of Wealth
Designed To Connect

The project delivered a structured messaging toolkit, empowering the team to communicate boldly and confidently; 360° strategy leveraging JH&P’s dual value proposition and a seamless online presence promoting experience and connection.

Crafted to reflect JH&P’s charismatic elegance and underpinned by their strategic foundation, our visual identity work centred on distilling the company’s newly codified brand to attract a like-minded community of clients who want to approach wealth differently.