Securing a digital-first future for a British heritage brand


Delivering digital commerce, new services and brand positioning for Banham Security.

The Engagement

2018 - 2020

The Challenge

Banham has been the go-to name for security solutions since it was established in London nearly a century ago. The family-owned firm, now in its fourth generation, provides a multitude of high-quality, innovative security services and products for home and business, but it lacked the digital competency to effectively communicate this, justify the price point and stay relevant in today’s market.

The Approach

The brand, while well-regarded, was outdated, and the marketing approach had been based on fear-mongering. In a market where digital-first brands like Nest are on the rise, and with Amazon looming large with innovations in last-mile delivery and secure home access, Banham needed to underline the value of its human-centred security services; effectively communicate the power of its more innovative products; and completely modernise the brand while remaining true to its roots.

What is the value of a key in today’s increasingly-digital security market? This question provided the foundation of our discovery phase. This was an ambitious undertaking, spanning brand strategy, art direction, B2B and B2C eCommerce design and development, SEO, content strategy, copywriting, print design and SEO.

We built a bespoke tech architecture, with eCommerce platformed on Magento 2 Enterprise and a custom key registration platform; navigating a number of enterprises and legacy integrations along the way. We created a comprehensive brand strategy with brand pillars that we translated into visual identity, creative direction and content strategy.

Working directly with the Banham family, we needed to honour the heritage of the brand while gently – but firmly – pushing it forward to better communicate the proposition in 2019 and beyond.

"It’s tough running a project that touches on so many parts of our business — spanning complex service design through to brand creative. It’s been a fantastic journey for Banham, and the team has really helped us focus in on our strong USPs, what we do well and what we could do even better."
Lucie Banham, Director, Banham
The Results

Since the launch in March, Banham has already seen a 25% increase in customer enquiries, which is the main sales driver and call-to-action on the website. Crucially, the updated brand image now appropriately reflects the long-standing reputation Banham had already established.