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Shifting focus from sky to sea.



The Engagement

2018 - Present

The Challenge

Despite being known for aviation, Breitling operates across three key worlds - land, sea and air. Our goal was to help Breitling build awareness outside of aviation and elevate their brand association with the ‘sea’ world.

We put together a creative social campaign which legitimised their presence in the space and created a point of difference from other watch brands operating in the market.

We launched the #SaveOurSuperoceans campaign and put together a Breitling UK ‘Surfer Squad’, featuring the best of British surfing talent.

Team casting.

Our #SurferSquad included Andrew Cotton, one of the world’s most accomplished Big Wave Surfers, Alan Stokes, 3x British Surfing Champion and Lucy Campbell, current British Female Champion.

The #SurferSquad were then supported by influencer and professional photographer, Finn Beales, who we arranged to shoot the squad in Newquay, the UK surfing capital. In addition to our #SurferSquad we also worked with three further influencer profiles who were all briefed separately to fulfil complementary activity.

Life beyond the campaign.

98 assets were also made available to Breitling to post on their Instagram account, creating a valuable bank of content for the brand. The content reached over 1 million people and achieved more than 2 million impressions. The high engagement rate achieved by the campaign reiterates that Instagram can be used to target specific, niche markets.

Breitling loved the campaign hashtag and have rolled it out across the business, far beyond our campaign, to feature across all of their digital platforms globally.